Thursday, April 19, 2018

Susie Does It Again- Old Post

Add another one to Susie Fishbein's cook book series. Kosher By Design, Passover By Design, Kosher by Design Entertains, Kosher by Design, Short on Time, Kosher by Design; Kids in the Kitchen.
This time her cook book is on healthy recipes. Her new cook book is called Kosher By Design; Lighten Up. Also in this edition she has a dietician that gives advise on foods to eat that are good for you and foods to be careful with.
She has it broken down. What flours, Fish, Grains, Oils, Sugars, Seeds and Nuts, are healthy for you and what it can do for your food intake. For instance brown rice vs. white rice. Did you know sunflower seeds are a good source of vitamin C, and contains antioxidants, and vit. E. Gives you advise on gadgets to have in the kitchen, entertaining ideas which gave me a few ideas for my next temple function.
I was a Sisterhood Programming Chairman for our Shul for the past two years. Too bad this cookbook did not come out till now. Boy, I could have used this a year ago.

The recipes some of them are easy to follow to complex. There is a recipe for Honey Oat Challah. What I liked was that it gives healthy advise why whole grains are important to your body. Did you know that people that eat whole grains are less likely to develop Diabetes Yype 2, and less chance to become obese. Very interesting.
Some of the recipes I did try White Portobello Pizzas, Thai Chicken Soup( my son is 18 yrs. Old). my son was the Guinea pig and loved how they came out. Some of the recipes are good for the whole family. Other recipes are for entertaining and less for the family dinners.

The Photographs of the final products are just beautiful. She really knows how to make a nice presentation. They are mouthwatering recipes.

Old Post-People of the Book Giveaway

I am going to make this a easy giveaway.
I have two copies of the book,People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks to giveaway on both of my blogs.
You have one chance if you leave a comment on this blog, if you leave a comment on both blogs you have two chances. The contest starts tomorrow and will last till February 2nd, in honor of my b-day.
The books were sent to me courtesy from Julie Harbedian of FSBA Associates.

This is a wonderful book. Many people are comparing this to the Davinci code.
It is full of suspense and full of mystery. You won't want to put it down. You are not giving the book justice when you compare it to the Davinci Code.

To make it short and sweet the book is about a young Australian woman, she is asked to find out the mysteries of the book, called the Haggadah. As she does the research she finds different things in the book such as a feather, hair, blood and other things. The book goes back and forth in time. First to present day Bosnia then goes back to the 1400. One of the mysterious objects is in the book is explained. The chapter then is told how that mystery got in the book. Then it goes back again to present day. Where Hannah has her own problems. How the story connects to the others stories makes this book a wonderful read.

I thought the story was quite different then any book I read. I liked Geraldine Brooks unique style of writing.

I will tell more of the story when the book contest is over. But who ever wins the book will absolutely love it. You will appreciate it even more if you are Jewish.

If you want to know more about the Haggadah you will find more information on my other blog, Jewish Rantings. There are Jewish links there also. If you are interested.

But For Now Good Luck!!!

Old Post- Snow

Is this what snow looks like. I have not seen snow for at least four years. Remember in my last post, I told you they were expected snow. We never got a drop of it. They cancelled class and the next day a two hour delay. Well today they did not close any schools down on the Grand Strand. It was cold for us down here of 19 degrees- B-RR, B-RR that is cold. And we actually this time around get snow flurries. It did not last long maybe an hour and then the snow melted. But we actually did see a dusting this time around. All of us get giddy about this. Now it is suppose to get cold again tonight and my son, David tells me again snow. We will have to see if we have school tommorrow or a late start. The reason they do close everything down is first of all we are not eqipted for this weather we do not have snow plows and sand.. Only the airport and the county can not use it.

Now my good news for you readers that are wondering how I did. Ready for the drum roll. I did do well. I passed with a 88 on my first A/P test. I made some stupid mistakes. I will know next time. What happened was she asked the question and they were multiple choice. You really have to read the answers. I must have gotten 3 wrongs for not reading the question right and analyzing the questions too much. Example, how stupid I knew this one. To make water how many molecules make water?
1) 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom
2) 1 hydrogen atom and 2 oxygen atoms
3) 2 hydrogen molecules and 1 oxygen molecules
4) 1 hydrogen molecules and 2 oxygen molecules

Of course the answer was 3. How stupid. I just answered without thinking there would not be trick questions. Anyway I am sure there will another test and I will make sure this doesn't happen again.

I have been taking classes for Medical Coding that I started last semester. I decided I really did not want to do that. I realized I used to be a nurse and I let my license lapse over 10 yrs. ago. Medical Coding is too distant for me. I love the medical field. I always loved health teaching. So I changed my major from Medical Coding/ Clerical Medical Assistant and I am adding Nursing. I did so well last semester I decided all this would be is a review but somethings like Medical Technology has changed. So not everything would be old. I would learn some new things. But I must be nuts. It took me till middle age to decide to get back into it. I took it for granted my Nursing license.

He's Coming Home By Next Week

This does not make any sense. My son made it for 8 entire weeks. He made the demands of boot camp. Learning to make a bed, iron shirts, learn to listen and respect of naval officers. He left for Great Lakes in Illinois from Myrtle Beach SC on April 12th.  It was hard for him as well as for me. The military controlled when they were allowed to make phone calls. It was terrible because I never knew when he called.  Close to the end of boot camp he was told there would be a delay in PIR for a week. They found out he had a medical condition. They were needed to recieve paper work then they would waive his medical condition and he would graduate. After a week I recieve a call he would have his PIR on 6/11, 

David was told by his recruiter to keep quiet about his ADHD. He was told if it doesn't come up there is not a reason to tell. But, David was having some problems in the beginning and then toward the end he was finally getting it.

David told me he was able to graduate and then go onto Groton Connecticut for Sub School. Great I thought I was just sad that I could not go to his graduation and wait to see him when he comes home in September.  I was content knowing my brother and my father went to his graduation. He even recieved a ribbon for markmanship and was able to carry the flag for his division.  That tells you how much this meant to him. 

I was proud of him. This meant more to him than high school.  He has matured and proud of his accomplishments. He was also sick the entire week before graduation but he did it. He went through the test of battlestations. He did it, great job David. The entire weekend was with the family with a cold.
I expected him to leave Groton Connecticut on Tuesday. I was terribly upset because I had thought he would let me know at least that he got there. He was still sick. He did not call me.  I only found out on Facebook that he was still in Chicago. I thought he was just sick. Later I found out the real story. They were investigating his medical records.  But, it does not make sense let him graduate. They should have not let him through and graduate until they had all the information.  He must have fell through the cracks.

I was having a difficult time when he was growing up with a single parent without a father. He was just a rebellious kid and having some problems. I took him for some conselling never realizing they would say he was depressed and anxious.  This was just typical teenage rebellion nothing else. The navy would straighten him out. Not thinking this would follow him. He did not and either did I that they gave him this diagnosis. After he graduated high school he was in control of his emotions, not difiant. He stopped taking Concerta, and he was fine. The sad thing was he was not able to find a job and was mopping around.  Most teens would do the same thing too. He was looking forward to leaving for boot camp and do something with his life.  He does not have depression it was just the situation he was in. The medical people they are quick to jump at anything and call it a diagnosis.

Now he is waiting to be separated. I never heard of someone being a sailor for a week and then separated. Once you graduate you go on.  This is just too bad. He will be leaving the navy in a week. Would you believe he is considered a military veteran even for a few days. He is not looking for the benefits he wants to serve his country.

The problem in the navy that they are trying to get rid of navy service men.  There are too many and I think any little thing they want to get rid of people. This is just a excuse.

I have contacted our Congressman Henry Brown in SC.  It does not look to good though. I stated my case and if it is determined that they can do something they will.  This is just hard because he does not have depression just a rebellious teenager that has worked out his problems and taken a little longer to mature.

A Jewish Author Takes Home the Prize

The Booker Prize was announced yesterday for a author, that lives in England and the British Isles.  The Booker Prize website, has information about the winners of the short list and the long list and their books.

I am happy to post about the winner. The author is Jewish, yes you heard right a Jewish author won the price.  He has also written, The novel is called the Finkel Question. Since winning, the Booker Prize there is a lot of buzz out there. I can't recommend it as yet. I have not read it. But one of my blogging pals,  Marie, from Boston Bibliophile is reading it. I can't wait for her
 post .

I am going to, not walk but run to get this book. It is nice to hear a Jewish author to get recognition occasionally.   And, yes this book is about the Jewish experience in England.  I also heard that it is funny too.

David Coming Home

David has been away for boot camp since April 12th.  I am very proud of him what he has accomplished. Making the bed, ironing, listening to his superiors, etc. It has been very emotional for me. After the first phone call there isn't any communication for about three weeks. The letters are with held for three weeks.
Finally the first letter came I was thrilled.

Each phone call I recieved from David I missed. The first one I was still in the process of exams. I had to go to school for something. Of all things I left my cell phone at home.  The Navy decides when the recruits can call not the other way around. Each time he did call I was either at work or I left the phone somewhere.

After about a months I started to recieve phone calls from him.  He was upbeat. Said boot camp was tough and nerve wracking but afer the third week it was getting easier. My son has never been away from me. This I am sure was a different experience. He had to learn to depend on himself. And no excuses.

Then somehow the last week before Battlestations something happened.  David was delayed for PIR. David has never learned to stand up for himself.  Went to a counselor for some guidance.  They found out he had ADHD.  He never disclosed the " moment of truth" to them he had ADHD.  This was not the reason for disqualification from the navy. We later found out he could still be in the military for this. 

His recruiter told him not to say anything.  David did not know any better. He thought that the recruiter was wiser and knew what he was talking about. He was just excited to go in that he was not thinking of the consequences. Because eventually someone is going to find out your medical issues.are. 

Last year he was mopping around the house and I was concerned like any mother would be. So, I did not think about the consequences of taking him to a counselor.  The counselor is not a doctor. He only saw my son once. He is a counselor goes by the name of Mr. not Dr. in front of his name. He diagnosed him with depression and anxiety. \

David only saw this counselor once. You don't diagnose someone the first time with depression. I used to be a psychiatric nurse. I do know how that works. You can not diagnosis someone at the first visit. You have to see them a few times.  Besides Clinical depression is amount of time, not a short period.

Through all this David had PIR, which is a navy graduation. This means he graduated boot camp and is a navy sailor.  He made it this is so ridiculous. I can see when he is a recruit but he graduated.

He only did what the recruiter told him to do.  But the navy won't see it that way playing devils advocate. You knew it was lying at the moment of truth. You should have told them. David has always been in a sheltered life he did not think about it. He just thought I am going to make something of my life. I will do something that is important and serve my country.

This is a three fold situation that makes it complicated. He with held information about his ADHD. The depression and anxiety which is the truth he did not know about.  The recruiter never said have you seen a counselor for counseling. If he did I am sure David would have said something.  The navy said they could have waived the ADHD, but not all this.

The navy will also say that David has his own mind he knew he was lying. It is just tough. He is going to be separated from the navy. This is a tough break for him. He will not even be getting a honorable discharge. Within a year he can go back to the recruiter and re-enlist and a medical doctor can clear him.

I was hoping he could get a psychiatric evaluation could help him prove he does not have depression. But he is fighting the with holding information.  How do you fight the navy, when they always say no excuses. 

My son and I were in the same room when he said don't say anything. But it is our word against he's. If there was someone else in the room that heard that. That would help. But, what are they going to do. Slip him through by allowing him to stay because what the recruiter told him. 

I don't think that will happen. Do you know how many recruiters tell recruits that. If they allow my son to do this. How many others will claim the same thing.  I hate to say this is a no win situation.  Because he still with held information. It is just sad that he listened and believed the recruiter.

Now David realizes that all the recruiter wanted was his commission. Nothing else.

I went to the congressman of SC, Henry Brown. But I did not know the exact facts. When I went he wanted a brief statement. I gave him a 2 page detail. Because now I realize after exactly what I could have said. Giving alot of excuses.

I then went to the recruiter and they said there is nothing David can do. Except wait till he is discharged. The recruitment station seems not to know much about their recruits and the system. They are there to do a job and get recruits. That is it. Not if you ask a specific question. Right now I have a bad taste in my mouth about the navy.  The military is there to do a job. A darn good one.  But, sometimes I think they should weigh the circumstances, and investigate.

David is meeting a lawyer today.  The lawyer wants a statement. I am not sure if the navy lawyer is on David's side. You know when you read these things about navy. The navy is going to protect themselves.
The navy has a interest to protect the navy not my son.  But I hope I am wrong.

David I imagine is coming home most likely this weekend or next week sometime.  The good thing is which I think also. This is not a waste. David was able to mature and grow up. This kind of envoirment would have been good for him. Because people with ADHD do well with structure.

Mailbox Monday


Mailbox Monday tour is hosted by chick
I have not visited it for quite some time. Marcia from the Printed Page has decided to allow others to host each month.

Here are the books that came to my mailbox this week:

Labor Day by Joyce Maynard. It was sent by Joyce and Book Club Girl sent me another copy.  I will have a book giveaway with the extra copy in the next couple weeks to coinside with Labor Day.
This novel ,a lonely 13 year old with his divorced mother.  The last weekend before school starts  a man shows up in town. How this changes his life for 5 days and beyond.

Stiltsville by Susanna Daniels I have a extra copy for a book giveaway I am hosting.  You can go to a few previous posts to enter my giveaway and read my post.

Remedies by Kate Ledger was sent by the author. This sounds like a good one.
This is the story about a Baltimore doctor is obsessed with easing the suffering of his chronic pain patients.  Simon has stumbled upon a obscured drug that may revolutionalize the treatment of pain.
This sounds like a great read for me since I am entering the medical field again.

Vivian Rising by Daniella Brodsky. This is the story of Vivian. She misses her grand mother after she passes away.She misses her grandmother. She feels very alone. She stubbles upon a astrologer's walkway. Things start to open up to her.  This was sent to me by Simon and Schuster.

Heart of Lies by M. L Malcolm. This is the story of Leo Hoffman. He was born with a gift for languages. When he dreams for the future are destroyed by WW1. The dashing young hungarian attempts to use his rare talent to rebuild his life, only to find himself inadvertently embroilded in an international conterfeiting scheme.  Suddenly Leo is wanted all across Europe  for a host of crimes.
This was sent to me by the publishing house Harper Collins.

Beach Trip by Cathy Holton.  The story is about four women. They were friend until they went their separate ways after college. Now they are in their 40's want to relive their college years and meet up in one of their summer cottages. But then secrets are revealed.  This was sent by the author Cathy Holton.

Now I did buy my self a few goodies. This weekend in Myrtle Beach SC was tax free weekend. Mainly geared for back to school.  This includes, clothes, furniture, computers, etc.
But yesterday was the last day. I was waiting to pick up my son. As I was waiting in Book a Million. I found out this included books. Well as any book blogger knows do you think I am going to walk away from that.  If any one knows me. I can't walk away from my favorite thing books. The sale did not include just tax free but included 20% off. I could not walk away from that.

Here are the little goodies I bought:

Intervention by Robin Cook
The Island by Elin Hilderbrand
Cutting the Stone by Abraham Verghese
The Last Light Over Carolina by Mary Alice Monroe
Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier. I have been looking forward to this one.  Do you think I took advantage of tax weekend?? or do you think I should have gotten more??? LOL!!!

Susie Does It Again- Old Post

Add another one to Susie Fishbein's cook book series. Kosher By Design, Passover By Design, Kosher by Design Entertains, Kosher by De...